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Kelly Jennings
The Breast Cancer Companion
Indigenous Elders
Moon Tipi
Moon Dance
Each one of us is a part of a miraculous process that is going somewhere


Meet Dr Kelly

My Roots:

A Chilean mother of German descent and a father raised in Aruba brings a lot of the uncommon into our suburban NY home. Countless long stay visitors and family members from South America, from Europe and the great beyond result in many late night dinner parties of multi language, perspective and color. I learn to speak slowly, clearly annunciate, and question my cultural assumptions, among other things.


My Schooling:

From Amherst College (with a BS in Neuroscience) to UCSF, my first ‘real’ job in a neuroscience research lab to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a clinical research associate in clinical trials. I ultimately find my calling in Naturopathic & Chinese medicine at NCNM in Portland, Oregon. After six years of life-transforming study I graduate valedictorian in 2007.

My Clinical Work:

January of 2008, I open a practice and write a book, The Breast Cancer Companion. I get busy and find that I love this!

February of 2010 I spend three weeks in Haiti with a medical team after the great earthquake. I become the ‘angel acupuncturist’ of the main hospital in Port-au-Prince and work continuously without sleeping for 30 hours straight. I spend time with and treat many Haitians in acute trauma and work alongside doctors from all over the world. In October of 2013 I move and open a holistic health practice in Rhinebeck, NY.

My Family:

At the end of February 2010, just after returning from Haiti, I meet my husband-to-be. Frenchman by birth, Peruvian by residency, shaman by occupation. We get engaged and marry 8 months later.

In 2012 my first daughter is born. Two years later, my second daughter arrives. And in 2016, my 14 year old stepdaughter comes to live with us. We live in a country house with many gatherings, visitors and elders from around the world, a sweat lodge in the backyard and a moon lodge tipi in the woods.


My Passion:

Exploring the meaning of life - meditation, collective consciousness & emergent dialogue. Women’s full moon gatherings, radical healing retreats, the Moon Dance, classical Indian music, meditation, cold water plunges, the space in between.

Running, the quiet of dawn, this present moment.

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