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On making amends & healing the soul of our nation

Healing the Soul of Our Nation

Three years ago I participated in a virtual gathering with the director of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a well-known spiritual community in Pondicherry, India. He led us through a meditation to connect with the soul of our nation. It brought very much to fore the reality that we're all deeply affected by the character and actions of the place we live. I had a deep experience of how the policies of this nation show up in my own psyche, and how the shadows of our country's actions lurk in my own subconscious awareness.

It made me profoundly aware that our nation still has never made a formal amends, the very simple act of acknowledging the pain and suffering that our governments' actions and policies have caused - particularly to the First Nations and Native Americans whose land we occupy, and to the black people that were originally enslaved and brought here against their will.

Amends are so important.

We are not truly free until we bring light into the shadows, and take radical responsibility for the mistakes, premeditations, and conscious hurtful acts of the past. We can't wait for a new president, or new politicians.

From what I know of true healing, it happens on the inside.

Inside each of us. As we choose liberation. As we choose justice. As we choose the future for ALL OUR CHILDREN. All nations and all relations.

Please join in conversations about race.

We must take this moment to create real transformation.

We're in this together.

Let's Re-Member.

All Our Relations.

For the Sake of All Our Children.

With love,

Dr Kelly

Please share any amends you've made in your life and the liberation you've received from doing so.



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