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Reborn, breathing again - the source point of the lungs (Tài Yuān - Lu9)

Tài Yuān, Great Abyss or Great Deep Pool, is the 9th point on the lung channel. It's the source point of the lungs, the influential point for the blood vessels, the earth point on the metal channel. As the name indicates, it is a point that penetrates to the deepest level, the Spirit, naturally having a direct connection with the Spirit through Prana, the breath of life.

Think of a great abyss plunging deep into the internal landscape, reaching down to the most intimate levels of a person indicates the efficacy of using this point in times of great worry and desperation. This point has a wonderful effect on your mental state if you feel like your life is cracking up. Instability and chaos can be replaced with nourishment, security and love. In Chinese 5 element cosmology, Earth is the mother of Metal, and so this point, being the earth point on the metal channel, supports this deep tonification and nurturing.

Tài Yuān supplements and strengthens the lungs, so for any weak or dry coughs, chronic wheezing, frequent yawning.

The blood unites the body and the spirit. This happens by way of the oxygen that is carried from the lungs into the blood and meets and oxygenates every single cell in the body. The blood is considered the earth element in Chinese medicine, as is the fluid of the Spleen, an earth organ and it also carries the metal element in the form of iron/hemoglobin/oxygen/minerals. The movement of the spirit and the life forces in the blood. The blood is considered to carry our consciousness.

Tai Yuan is a profound place for the connection between the Spirit and the Lungs, when a person is falling into the abyss.

Maybe you feel your "life is going to hell", or you are on the point of collapse with the mental chaos and instability that accompanies this. Maybe you have insomnia, a choppy pulse, heart palpitations or a weak and breathless voice . Great Abyss can help to restore order, rhythmicity and regularity. Many circulatory problems, such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hemorrhaging, cold hands and feet, can be addressed with this point, because this point has a tonifying and bolstering effect on the blood vessels and arteries.

Other effects of Tài Yuān, it can help resolve phlegm by expelling and transforming it, it can be used for asphyxia, poison, concussion, skin very tender and painful to touch, can't hold or grasp objects, complete lack of sensation in the tips of the finger, pain the lungs or the heart, conjunctivitis, facial paralysis, incontinence, drooling, noisy respiration, intercostal neuralgia, migraine.



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