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What do you need to navigate uncertainty? A Conversation with Elatia Abate

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

My entire healing practice is and has always been about transformation. Helping you move from illness to wellness, from limitation to expansion, and from stagnation to flow state. There are critical aspects to this journey that I help people navigate.

We are in a moment in history, defined by a pandemic, where millions of us are needing to reexamine our lives, reexamine how we operate and do things, and rediscover our purpose and reason for being here.

We are needing to find faith in uncertainty, courage in the face of fear and inner calm as a salve for anxiety.

I'm applying what I know from the world of health and healing to this brave new world we find ourselves in together. At the same time, I'm looking outward and asking this question to other practitioners and professionals who're familiar with the space and structure of transformation. What can we learn from them to help ourselves and each other?

In April of 2020, I began a series of conversations with people I admire in my life, thought leader, entrepreneurs and facilitators, to understand what they already know and have discovered about times of great transition. Some of them have been through great change themselves, others hold transformational space for others and some others know how to support health growth during times of transition. These are people with a lot of mileage in the transformational zone and who, I believe, can midwife us through the massive disruption of the COVID pandemic and of disruption to come.

These are the questions I asked them.

What are the tools for transformation?

What are the critical structures necessary to support healthy change and growth?

What can we do during a time of massive disruption to stabilize and orient ourselves so that we can be available for what is now and what is next?

These conversations are meant to inspire, to support our individual and collective evolution and to remind you that we're in this together. They're meant to help you navigate your own transformation and growth with resilience, strength, faith, and hope.

My first guest is Elatia Abate, who has spent the last several years looking into and immersing herself in what the great impact of technology will mean for humanity and how each of us will individually, and as a collective, define, create and contribute value to the world. She studies disruption, and how you can build bridges during times of drastic change, from where you are to where We All are going. We discuss three of the main world shifts, moving from Or to And, from Scarcity to Abundance, and from Linear to Exponential. We also discuss her personal journey of living out of a suitcase without a home for one year, an experiment she willingly took on to understand how to work with uncertainty.

more on Elatia:

Elatia is an entrepreneur, educator, and future-forward strategist. She partners with organizations that range in size from Fortune 500 to early stage start-ups to help leaders make sense of the ever-growing disruption in our world and channel that disruption into tangible results. Her client roster includes the likes of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Verizon, University of Arizona, and University of Cincinnati. She is a sought after speaker and facilitator who has led from the front of the room at Deloitte, VRBO, SHRM, Stanford, and The University of Chicago, among other places. In a former life she served as Global Director, Talent Acquisition with Anheuser-Busch InBev and Vice President of Human Resources at Dow Jones & Company. She has been featured in work with Tony Robbins and Trevor Noah, as well as in publications like Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Forbes.

Listen in to our conversation here.




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