Winter is a time for going deep into the heart and tending to your home fire. It's a time of nourishment and reflection. It's also a time to give your body some extra care and wellness support. In this beautifully curated Gift Box of Winter Well-Being you'll find my absolute favorite Winter remedies and treats including:


  • Ravintsara essential oil, a classic fresh and camphoraceous oil laced with mild trails of sweet-spicy top notes. Uplifting, stimulating and energizing! Use it to strengthen your lung vitality and to ward off evil bugs and viruses. Can be worn when heading out or used in a vaporizer to purify your home.
  • Cordychi, because we could all use a little more resilience these days! A cordyceps/reishi mushroom blend that gives you superior immune support. Reduces fatigue too! Yes please! 
  • D-Mulsion - Please don't forget this all-important antiviral, anti-flu, mood-boosting vitamin. Most of us in the Northern Hemisphere just don't get enough. Tasty and emulsified for best absorption. 
  • Lavender Mineral bath salts - There are things in life that only a bath can cure. Mineral salts, rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, plus lavender essential oil to create a nourishing and calming bath experience. Breath deep and enjoy a well-deserved moment of well-being. 
  • A gorgeous beeswax candle to bring the light into dark days. Made here in the Hudson Valley by Moon's Gold Apiary.
  • A Blessing for Beauty bookmark, to remind you of the journey ahead and that you're never ever ever alone.


All laid in a lovely bed of Pacific Northwest cedar, sustainably hand-picked by my family!

For yourself or someone you love. 

Be warm, be well, be happy.  

A Gift Box Of Well-Being

  • Unopened gift boxes may be returned in their entirety for store credit within one month of purchase. Return shipping cost not included.