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Dr Kelly Jennings

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist

Would you like to awaken to your highest potential and live in your greatest vitality? As a primary care physician & holistic health practitioner, I can help. 

We found each other

You deserve exceptional care.

You're done with feeling sick and tired. You want to know what to eat to feel good.

You want to awaken your highest potential and live your life feeling vital, connected and with purpose.

As a primary care physician and holistic health practitioner, I can help.  

We'll find out the root cause of your illness and the core beliefs that limit you.

We'll work with your physiology so that you regain strength, joy & confidence.

 Together we'll create long term sustainable solutions so that your life is the one you were meant to live.

I started seeing Kelly soon after she opened her practice in Rhinebeck. I had a number of issues my more traditional Dr’s had not resolved; skin condition, digestive problems and an overall lack of energy. She treated each one thoughtfully and with great success. I also, quite honestly, just like going to her clinic for the conversation. Her calm and reassuring vibe is always comforting and rubs off on me at every visit. As someone who has always been scared of needles, I’m looking forward to my next acupuncture session.

– Griffin Dunne, Actor



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