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Feeling fully heard and fully supported - Stephanie R

Finding Kelly has been a godsend on my holistic healing journey. She has a very calming and supportive demeanor, and I continue to be impressed by how accurately she is able to pinpoint and treat my various ailments using acupuncture supported by Chinese herbal formulations. I was a bit ambivalent about getting stuck by needles on a regular basis, but WOW it can really make a difference in a remarkably short time, if practiced adeptly - as Kelly does!

Fantastic - Megan B

I feel extremely lucky to have found Dr. Jennings who I think is incredible. She has been able to look at the entire picture of my health and navigate me through something my Western doctor only was scratching her head at. Allow yourself multiple visits with Dr. Jennings. Healing takes time and it is worth the journey.

Body/ mind/ spirit deep healing - Stephanie Long Canavesio

Kelly has played a significant role in my body/ mind/ spirit healing over the past couple years that I have been her patient . Besides the fact she is incredibly knowledgeable , she is extremely intuitive. Her wisdom and teachings have helped me heal my body, and also the way I live daily. I feel so grateful that she has been in our lives and will be a guide for the future.

A lifesaver - Ann W

Dr. Jennings has been treating my sciatica with great success. I feel confident that, soon, I will again be to walk miles without pain. Very liberating! Thank you.

Excellent experience! - Benedikta K

I was very happy after my first session at the source of healing. Dr. Jennings is truly knowledgeable, insightful and empathic. I felt heard and consequently helped. Her treatments are sensible and effective. I am glad to have found her. Thanks!

Gratitude for guidance during the Autumn Cleanse - Sheila

Dear Kelly, I want to express my deep appreciation for your skilled, wise and generous guidance through this Autumn Cleanse with acupuncture I just completed. The information, support and sharing guided me fully and I am feeling so clear and healthful -mind and body. Your ability to be present and responsive together with your knowledge and experience are such valued qualities in a health care provider. Thank you so much.

Highly Recommended - J.W.

I appreciate the care and supportive atmosphere of Kelly and her practice. I would highly recommend The Source for Healing.

The Best! - Jessica Burckhard (parent)

Dr. Kelly has been an integral part of our daughter's health and wellness team for the last 2 years. She is incredibly insightful and brings a fresh perspective to raising happy & healthy children!

Wonderful Experience - Sara K

I've only being seeing Dr Jennings a short time and she is already making a difference in my 6 year battle with lyme and babesia. She is extremely knowledgeable about how these diseases effect you, very patient and understanding, and available by phone or email if you need her. I'm excited to work with her towards getting better.

Getting the help I need - V.S.

Endometriosis and fibroids have ruined my life. With a change in diet and the wonderful treatment and supportive guidance I have received at the source of healing I'm finally feeling better!!!!!!

Holistic and compassionate care - a.g.

I have seen Dr. Jennings for care with my Hashimotos hypothyroid condition. Yesterday i came in with acute cold symptoms and she treated me with acupuncture, aromatherapy, heat treatment, sound therapy and intuitively looking at lifestyle, diet and my emotional state. I have always left her treatments feeling better and inspired with a plan and greater understanding of a mind-body connection and holistic approach to my optimal health and well being. Thank you Dr. Jennings.

Holistic Healing - C.W.

I have been seeing Dr. Jennings for almost a year. I came to her with Lyme disease and various autoimmune/hormone issues. Her treatment has been holistic, intuitive and very effective.I am currently healing successfully without the use of antibiotics or drugs. Instead we use herbs, acupuncture, and supplements. I am SO grateful for her wisdom and guidance. She is a true healer and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to truly understand what's going on and finding a path to wellness.

Ongoing acupuncture and herbal treatment - Mark W

Dr. Jennings is a gifted acupuncturist and is highly intuitive. She was able to quickly assess my symptoms and address them at their root causes. I have experienced definite progress. Gladly recommend her to those seeking a non-western approach to health management.  

Helped with acute joint pain - MARY ANNE O

Just had a great session with Dr. Jennings. I came in with acute joint pain in my neck, shoulder and knee.She took my pulses and immediately decided it was inflammation and started working on acupuncture points to relieve the pain. I had no pain the next day and I stopped taking pain medication. The aromatherapy, she used lifted my spirits too.

Grateful for the help - Katie Meares

When I first met Dr. Jennings in Oct. 2017, I had been seeing 4 different specialists for 4 different, or so I thought, problems. All prescribed different meds, often steroid-based. In less than 2 months, rash was gone, digestive issues mostly resolved, ear & eye problems significantly improved. Aches & pains have diminished so remarkably. I approached with skepticism & was convinced. I am so grateful to have found this smart, responsive doctor. She is a great listener & explains things well.

Helping with Lyme symptoms. - S.K

Dr. Jennings helped relieve and/or eliminate lingering Lyme symptoms. She is very personable, compassionate and a good listener. Her treatments helped me to feel better again!

Wonderful care - Elle R

Dr. Jennings is changing the way I view health and medicine. Her use of diet, acupuncture, herbs, and various home remedies brings such balance to the body and awareness to the mind. Her combination of intuition and knowledge are spot on. Can't thank her enough!

Excellent - L.L.

I am so amazed and grateful to have found such an amazing source of information and assistance during my breast cancer treatment. Dr. Jennings helped me prepare my body for surgery and my recovery has been remarkable. I will continue to see her not only to keep the cancer away, but to make sure my body is as healthy as it can be. The Hudson Valley is very lucky to have her.

Dr. Kelly Jennings is an amazing practitioner - TJ Ruth

Kelly's work and presence resonates deeply with a client from the moment a treatment begins. Her intuitive awareness is present while she strategically places acupuncture in selected points on the body. From hear you sink into the table and become one with the energy she transmits while allowing the negative to flow out of the body. What a gift this treatment was for me once again. Wow. Thank you Kelly.

You are in good hands - Diana Cohen

I have seen Dr. Jennings several times for ailments as well as for wellness and prevention. She has extensive training and also a high level of intuition - which is the perfect combination in my opinion. I trust her recommendations and have personally experienced healing under her care.

First visit - Ronald Cohn

Dr Jennings has a unique approach for treating my health issues. I am encouraged that I will achieve good results under her care. I have made a commitment to follow her protocol.  

the best - JP McConaty

wonderful combo of great medicine and the big hearted/thoughtful application of it, precisely whats long overdue in healthcare nowadays. couldn't recommend Dr. Jennings more-

I'm hopeful. - Kathy M

I had my first visit with Dr, Jennings this week and am hopeful she can help me with my as-yet-diagnosed-after-five-years muscle degeneration issue. What Dr, do you know that sits and talks with you for over an hour to understand ALL your symptoms? And then have an acupuncture treatment? I'll keep you posted.

Healing mind and body. - mary anne o'malley

Dr. Jennings has really helped me with the after effects of cancer treatments. She has also given me a great plan in diet herbs and mindfulness to remain cancer free. She is warm and generous and knowledgeable about the process of healing the mind and body.

Kind and effective - megan o

I feel more grounded and balanced after working with Dr Jennings over the last few months. Her acupuncture treatments are energizing and effective. Grateful to have found her!

a great healing appointment with Dr Jennings - Valerie S

Of course it will take a couple of weeks with the protocol that the doctor recommended to see if my system responds positively. Yet even as I left the office I felt so much better to have had such incisive thinking , supported by comprehensive knowledge addressing my state of being. When I say state of being , I mean just that . Dr Jennings "connects the dots" and I always leave her office with more understanding of all aspects of my health physical and spiritual . She's the best !

Truly a source for healing! - Judy Kass

I can't say enough about Dr. Jennings. She is knowledgable, thorough, skilled and very patient oriented. I saw her the day before surgery and was amazed at how much easier the day went. Highly recommend!

initial consultation - JP McConaty

FDoc Jennings took a significant portion of her day to really listen to the details of my medical backstory and I have all the faith in the world that she'll have a great many thoughtful and sound suggestions for treatment moving forward. The world needs more Doctors like her-

Excellent consultaion - K.C.

Similar to another reviewers observations, I have found much hope in my initial consultaion with Dr. Jennings. Her guidance and new approaches to addressing my long standing health challenges fill me with inspiration as well as speak to the logical part of my brain. Thank you.

Kelly is a compassionate and wise healer. - Susan Fauman

I have had the fortune to work with Kelly many times. As a healer myself, I often find it a bit challenging to allow myself to be taken care of. Kelly has an amazing ability to listen to more than just your words in order to "hear" what is going on on a deeper level. Her work clears the path to allow your body's deeper wisdom to show up and do it's own work.

Wonderful care - N.I.

What a wonderful alternative to approaching health, wellness & medical issues. Dr. Jennings is thoughtful, caring & uses a wealth of knowledge to do her job extremely well.

Healing the body, mind and spirit - Mary Anne O'Malley

Dr. Jennings offers a multifaceted approach in healing that takes into account the body, mind and spirit. She combines her knowledge of alternative healing methods with traditional medical expertise, along with the use of herbs and acupuncture. I have come to her to heal the side effects of traditional cancer treatments. She has shown me that I need to change the terrain of my body, mind and spirit in order to deeply heal.

Hopeful - P.C.

I suffer from severe hot flashes and was referred to Dr.Jennings by my gynecologist, after traditional treatments failed to work. I have just had my second treatment and am looking forward to experiencing great results. So far, I have found Dr. Jennings to be a good listener and very knowledgeable.

There is hope - N.L.

I have hashimotos thyroidist and this is the first doctor i have scene that made me believe i could get better. And i am actually starting to have days where i feel like i can function. She is wonderful. Very good listener and supportive. My first time trying acupuncture but i highly reccomend her services.

Dr. Jennings is both compassionate and ethical - Mary Anne O'Malley

Dr. Jennings is knowledgable and compassionate in her approaches to healing. She also brings a strong spiritual and ethical base to her practice that brings a much deeper level of healing. Her expertise on Cancer care and healing is outstanding.

after several visits - A.N.

My experience with Kelly Jennings has been excellent; she is compassionate, intelligent, and approaches healing with thoughtful insight.

first visit - N.B.

My husband and I came to see Dr. Jennings and she was very compassionate, patient, and kind. My husband really liked the fact she wanted to get to know him and his story, not the caregivers. I hope for good things to come from our future visits.

Dr. Kelly Jennings of The Source for Healing - Sarah Willis

Dr. Jennings is a skilled doctor of Chinese Medicine and has the singular talent of pulse diagnosis. She is so knowledgeable about herbal remedies and medications and has created a treatment plan for me that is both comprehensive and manageable for my healing journey. My time with her is focused, full of enlightening moments and compassion. I have found my doctor, finally!

Highly Gifted Healer - C. Borden

Dr. Jennings is kind, calm, and extremely knowledgeable. I have never had a more detailed summary of me after having a pulse reading - and her choices of supplements are bang on. I have been around the bend with healers of all methodologies and I am so grateful to have found one firmly rooted in practical holistic wellness.

Extremely knowledgeable & deeply connected to needs - ADK Summers

DR. Jennings is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner who has the ability to connect to her patients needs. Each appointment she knows best practice to treat her patients. She tailors treatments to target the needs of her patients.

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