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What will you let go of to enjoy this one, singular, present moment?

Rituals for Transformation - Customized for You 

We need prayer and ritual now more than ever to connect to ourselves, our inner guidance, and to our great and unique purpose for being here. Creating a ceremony for your life helps you remember who you are - your dreams, hopes and prayers - and to live the life you were meant to live. 

Informed by two decades of ceremony and ritual practice with indigenous grandmothers and healers from the Mayan, Mexica, Lakota, Shipibo, and Quechua traditions, Dr Kelly curates ritual space for individuals and groups. She is a Moon Dancer, Qi Gong practitioner, raga singer, and also a physician, acupuncturist and naturopath. She has three daughters and has had a private clinical practice for over a decade.


Some examples of a ceremony or ritual include a coming-of-age ceremony for your teenage daughter, a blessing way for a baby-to-come, a ritual to celebrate a life decision, or to support you through a major life transition such as menopause (Becoming an Elder), a divorce, an illness, or a change of job.

We’ll begin with a phone or in person conversation about your current moment, where you currently are in your life and where you would like to be.  We’ll cover the major transitions and themes of your life, touching in on your ancestry and family. We’ll dive into any dreams or visions you’ve had – beginning the makings of your customized ritual or ceremony.


Together we'll reflect, meditate and dream your ceremony into being, including the date and those you'd like to include. We’ll follow-up to connect, review and fine-tune any parts and decide what elements you'll need to support your ritual. 


$500 with personal facilitation (not including travel expenses)

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