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Begins Monday March 4th, 12 pm EST


Zoom Studio

Sounding Spring Qi Gong

10 week emergent movement practice that meets weekly on Mondays at noon EST. Begins Monday March 4th.

Sounding Spring Qi Gong
Sounding Spring Qi Gong

Time & Location

Begins Monday March 4th, 12 pm EST

Zoom Studio


About the Event

The flow within and between us is powerful. We can heighten our sense and awareness of the Aliveness of this space through the regular cultivation of Qi Gong. This movement and embodiment practice helps open our capacity to sense the space between.  Qi Gong is a practice that provides a foundation for interbeing and emerging dialogue work. Kelly, who is also a practitioner of emergent dialogue, is the ideal teacher for making these connections. Together these practices are part of an ecology of practices that open up the depth and potential of emergent interbeing.  Kelly is a 4th generation holder of the Jin Jing Gong lineage of Qi Gong. Her teachers are many but primarily in this lineage include Heiner Fruehauf, Dr Liu Lihong, Master Wang Qingyu (Shifu) and Nature.


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    • $180.00
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