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Being with Fear & Finding Your Story: A Conversation with Eduardo Placer

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Eduardo Placer is my guest in this recording we did in April 2020, during the second month of our nation's quarantine. Eduardo is the guide of Fearless Force, a public speaking program for visionary women leaders. I met Eduardo in November of 2019, when I and 5 other women signed up for his Hudson Valley program. In his two day intensive workshop, I learned the ropes and finer points of speaking in front of an audience (how to stand, how to use tone, volume and body language). Over the next several days I was coached through the remembering and crafting of the story I felt called to share, with the help and guidance of Eduardo Placer and his fellow magic worker Debra Driscoll. On the 6th day, we told our story in front of a packed audience of 100+ people from our local community.

Eduardo is a midwife of story - he helps people navigate through the transformational process of facing the fear of public speaking while at the same time coaxing the story that wants to be told out of you. The story that the deepest part of you is longing to share and doesn’t quite know how to.

In this conversation we talk about the present moment of disorientation, and the tools we can use to orient ourselves in times of uncertainty. We discuss the power of telling your truth, which can be an extraordinary process of self-liberation. We also talk about Eduardo's methods of overcoming the fear of public speaking. Grounded in body, present in mind, leading from the heart and speaking into the spirit of our shared humanity.

This conversation will help you encounter fear and rise above it, with tools and techniques that allow for the emergence of your own voice and intuition. I believe this is a highly important skill for any moment we find ourselves in.



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