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Emergence of Spring Qi Gong with Dr Kelly

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Qi Gong form we're currently practicing is known in Chinese as JinJian Gong - Strengthen and Build the Tendons. This is a powerful form to practice together as we turn to Spring. By focusing on the tendons, we connect to the deepest energy in the Universe, the Mingmen.

The JinJing Gong school is the specific lineage we’re practicing within. It is a Daoist (shamanic) practice - a deep embodied contemplation of nature and the Universe, the macrocosmic and microcosmic Universe.

When you first begin to learn Qi Gong you may notice that various parts of your body fatigue quickly. You may find that your balance isn't as steady as you thought or your ability to move gracefully needs some fine tuning.

Practicing this form is well worth the effort! It really delivers on its promise to build physical strength and stamina. In time you'll not only become proficient with the form, you'll notice the difference in your body in every day activities like climbing stairs or lifting heavy objects. Everything will be easier!

Some notes I'll be mentioning during our sessions: during the form you should grip the earth with your toes. I practice bare foot for this reason. You should also keep your pelvic floor slightly contracted, to draw the Qi from the earth through the feet and to keep it from “leaking” out through the lower orifices.

I’m delighted to be in this practice with you and am humbly grateful to my teachers, Heiner Fruehauf and Wang Qingyu, and this lineage for these profound embodied transmissions.

Please have your video ON and sound OFF during our Zoom sessions so that I can support your correct posture and form.

And lastly - PLEASE make a contribution per class or for the full 12 weeks session as you're able. The information is below. This is a way to feed me back for the energy and time and to acknowledge the giving of this lineage and teaching.

Looking forward to see you this Thursday!



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