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How strong is your faith?

How does it affect you when you're confronted with uncertainty?

For most of our time as human beings on this planet, uncertainty has brought us closer to God, to the Great Mystery, to the acknowledgment of a much greater force at work in the world and in our lives.

Uncertainty inspires prayer, inspires a grounding in the present moment and a desire to BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW. If the future is unknown (as it always has been), and you can’t do much about it (which has always been true), what choice do you have than to be fully grounded, responsible, and present with what you have right now. Death is always here, right around the corner, as a contemplation and reality that gives rich meaning to being alive. There’s a quality of this quarantine that is deeply moving and beautiful. For many of us - slowing down, becoming conscious of the insanity of our busy-ness and remembering that we are human beings sharing a planet is a gift. Remembering that we are in this together, just as we always have been and can really see now, world-wide, as we don our face masks.

Becoming more responsible to each other and getting to know our back and front yards and the people we live with is, in my life, a powerful reckoning. I’m also noticing, in the online circles I’ve been participating in and facilitating, a new compassion and curiosity that is opening up between us as a result of the disruption and separation many of us are experiencing. Physical distancing is inviting us to reach for one another, to tend and care for the space in between us and, because we are so present to uncertainty, to be vulnerable. I don't mean to sound in denial of the challenge. You may have lost your job. I'm missing my practice. You may be feeling lonely much of the time. I'm missing alone time. There are people dying, maybe even in your family, and, what's perhaps hardest of all - we can't be there when our loved ones transition. I personally know 21 different people/families who've been through COVID-19 and have come out healthy and well on the other end. 10 of these families I've personally treated (by distance) with a combination of Chinese herbal formulas. (Please see what MORE you can do about COVID-19) We see what we put our attention to.

Strengthen your prayers now. Take good care of your physical well-being. Talk and write out strong emotions. Remember we have an incredible capacity to heal and to be healed by each other.

Be cautious with your exposure to graphs and charts - observe how they affect and even manipulate you. Each one of us, every human being, lives within a unique and complex story within a rich diverse web. The situation we collectively find ourselves in is much more than a bunch of numbers. Don't get lost in statistics.

Ground in the abundance of what you know. Family. Love. Service. Kindness. Generosity. Spiritual Endurance. Curiosity.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2021

Great bllog

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