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How to cultivate your intuitive capacity

The elders I work with say that when life gets chaotic - pause. When crisis happens; sit down, breathe and meditate. It makes sense. When we are called into action/reaction, it is critical that we have all our faculties, our whole mind and being, present.

My mantra these days is Keep it Simple. When I make a shortlist of what I value most (love/connection, vitality, faith) and line up what in my life supports these values, prioritizing my time becomes ease-full.

When love and connection are nourished by spending focused and present time with my children, I make sure this is happening daily. When the feeling of vitality and aliveness gets inspired by active movement or morning Qi Gong or a dance party, I remember to make the space in the week for this. When faith is bolstered by a prayer or ritual, reminding me where I am in the middle of heaven and earth and the four cardinal directions, I make this happen.


When action springs from your own inner alignment, you don't have to question what is the most elegant next step. You know. This is called cultivating your intuition. This is taking responsibility for your life, guided by the vertical transmission of those things that nourish your soul.

We Are All Intuitive Beings.

(not just the chosen few or those that call themselves intuitives)

We are the mediums for our lives. Each one of us has the tools we need to steer our lives by our own inner compass. This requires putting agenda aside. Leaning into the unknown. Deep listening. Having the willingness to shatter assumptions that keep us separate so that we can remember our wholeness.

And here's the crux: to do this particularly when we don't feel we have the time for it.

For any of you that feel like you have no time, that life is rushing along ahead, that you are caught by the life of your own making and have dreams that need nourishing, I'm with you. I invite you to try what has been working in my life, the contrary action of stopping when your mind tells you to run.

For more on how to cultivate your intuitive capacity - please see my Rituals for Transformation page here.



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