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Re-Imagining Money and Tending the Sacred

Sacred Ways Foundation is a non-profit organization begun by my husband, a good friend and I to support the resilience of indigenous medicine people and wisdom keepers all over the world, through direct funding to traditional healers and their families. Our mission is to place our healers and guides back at the center of our consciousness and care, to tend to them in the way that we once did. Healers shouldn't have to hustle. We need them now more than ever.

I want to share a letter we received for Sacred Ways Foundation, someone who responded to our sacred invitation to make a contribution. Here’s what they wrote:

We are so grateful for how you share your Gifts with the world. I am part of a community of practice, a group in deep inquiry around the transformation of money in the service of Life. At the foundation of this community we look to Re-Imagine Money and Protect the Sacred.

As a community, we collectively are practicing putting into action our shifts in belief and consciousness around money. This includes the release of funds that have been dammed up and have been held back by old beliefs and unconscious agreements around what money means and what it could be. We instead look to release this consciousness, this energy, this Life, these funds, to flow back into Life and into what gives Life - RIGHT RELATIONS.

We open this flow, this currency, to people like yourself, who are reminding us and showing us the way again, toward belonging and right relations with the sacred Earth and each other.

We hope this gift of our learning and intent, our dreaming and commitment, this re-imagining of money, in some way furthers and supports you. May all of its potency and power, and the Future it calls to, bless you and your destiny path. Please know how much we appreciate your Gifts.

YASS! This is exactly what we are doing! Reimagining and redirecting money to support the Sacred. If you too would like to join us in reimagining money, in tending the sacred, in supporting traditional healing practices, Click here to find out more and to make a donation.

My husband and I were on Radio Kingston with Good Work Institute this past Tuesday, sharing about Sacred Ways, reciprocity in action and how we can become the Elders our children are waiting for. It was a joy-filled and inspired conversation, I promise to share the link to listen when it's ready.

We also shared our prayer for Sacred Ways with One World Bearing Witness, a 24 hour prayer vigil facilitated by community leaders around the world. This prayer holds the essence of our purpose in this life. It carries what we care most about, what we hold in our hearts, what motivates our lives. Our prayer is about how to practice reciprocity and tend to our medicine people. Healers shouldn't have to hustle.

We want to continue to get the word out and talk about this AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If you have a podcast, a radio show, or a community you'd like to share our work with, please be in touch!

If you'd like to find out more about what we're doing and you feel in a position to help, let's schedule a conversation.



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