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We Begin with Thank you.....continuing conversations on psychedelics & indigenous wisdom traditions

Reciprocity in Action

Our next conversation is this Friday, August 25th, at 4 PM - we'll talk about the true naming of things: the power and resonance that lives in native and indigenous language. This is something we're excited and inspired to share with you and to be in conversation about. As one of our Lakota Elders says;

Language contains great power. It can be used to injure a person's feelings or to compliment their achievements. It can be used with evil intent or to honor and bless. Young people need to understand that language contains the power to give life or to take it away. As a result, it must be used respectfully.

If you haven't already - you can Sign up Here to be part.....

If you're just joining us now - my husband I have begun an open dialogue conversation called Conversations with Metsa about the psychedelic renaissance, indigenous wisdom and medicine ways. We're talking about what no one else is talking about. You're invited to join us, bring a friend!

In our last Summer Series conversation we talked about Reciprocity. Giving before taking. We contemplated these questions - What if we always began with thank you? If we started our day this way? If we acknowledged the life within us, the life around us, the aliveness of everything we're a part of?

Here's some of the feedback we received:

  • Of the hundreds of Zoom calls I took part in these last years - it was profound to begin with thank you. To sit in gratitude for my life - for the lives of the others in my breakout room - created such a potent field between us that we could all tap into and speak from.

  • These community calls have fundamentally changed my relationship to every moment. Beginning with the contemplation of water and now sitting in acknowledgement and gratitude of Life itself has shifted my daily experience of loneliness to a profound sense of connectedness.

And this - by email, that moved us to tears

  • Because of your help..I am alive and sober. I wouldn't have been around to have a marriage or children, if it wasn't for you. And I am grateful for your efforts to create this community. It is much needed. I literally owe you, my life. I'm not saying that to stroke your ego, I've never been good at showing gratitude to people. But with all my friends and close family dead (aside my wife and kids). It's something, I think about more often. So - thank you.

Our next call is this Friday August 25th. You're invited.

Bring a friend - this is an open house.

We're talking about what no one else talking about.

Many of these transformational medicines, called psychedelics or entheogens (literally ‘becoming divine within’) while acknowledged and honored as a cultural heritage and sacrament in other cultures and nations (see Peruvian national cultural heritage and Ayahuasca and the American Indian Religious Freedom Act providing federal legislative protection for the use of peyote in the Native American Church) are still considered illegal and classified as Schedule One drugs in the United States.

After sitting on the sidelines for the last several years, observing the exponential explosions in conversation, investments and research in the psychedelic field, with barely a peep in comparison about the traditions and indigenous medicine ways that have sustained these medicines, I feel a growing sense of alarm and a need to speak up and out.

Who's going to stand on behalf of these medicine elders? Who's going to stand for the Sacred? Who's going to make sure these traditional ways are not marginalized in the mainstream conversation yet again while we medicalize the spiritual experience?

If not me and you, then who?

Join us in a continuing series of conversations led by myself and my husband, a person who's been adopted in, who's given his life to understanding and being immersed in traditional medicine ways. From the Shipibo-Conibo, Quechua Lamista and Aguaruna in the Peruvian Amazon, the Bwiti traditions of Gabon, the Mazatec traditions of Oaxaca, the Dinè traditions of the Native American Church and the Lakota traditional ways, he has cultivated an incredible capacity to understand these disparate and not dissimilar cosmovisions and their respective ceremonies. He offers an incredible wealth of wisdom and information.

I invite you to join us in dialogue, a live Q&A, and information about what we're feeling excited about, what to be full of care about, and other fun topics.......

We're in this together.....



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