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we've been through this before (notes from the 2020 pandemic)

How are you doing out there? How are you doing really? Are you taking care of your body, your mind, your spirit? What tools are you using to navigate this brave new world? Are you reaching out and connecting with others? Are you finding meaning? Are you facing yourself and your tendencies to busy-ness and anxiety? Are you finding new discipline and calm? I'd like to remind you --

We've been through this before.

It's written in our DNA. Your life, your body, this present moment, is the result of your ancestor's survival and triumph over unbelievable odds; debilitating crises, devastating war, great famine. What has always been true, what continues to be true, is the generative spirit of kindness, the solace of our shared humanity, and the aspiring nature of our capacity to adapt and evolve.

How are you evolving?

What's shifting in your life?

What are you inspired by?

How are you being called to be of service at this time?

I'd love to hear what's moving for you right now. Please let me know! Please keep a journal! And at some point down the road, we'll be back together again, sitting side by side, sharing the story of this incredible chapter of our lives. Who can say what the title of this chapter will be? Who's to say that we aren't in the middle of a miracle?



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