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what should white people do?

Notes from what should white people do - a conversation with Tuesday Ryan-Hart and Gibràn Rivera

1) Racism is Systemic - You were born into this. It's not your fault and it's all of our responsibilities to transform it. Learn, learn and keep learning.

2) Listen to what black people are saying (it's not all the same). I.e.

, women got the right to vote in 1919. White women that is. For black women it was in 1955.

3) Talk to other white people - bring them in to the conversation. Perhaps and especially if they don't get it. We are dealing with a blind spot in our consciousness. Bring awareness.

4) Find out what your black friends need - reach out, call, ask how are you. They may say, stop calling me! They may say thank you.

5) Commit - don't collapse. This is a movement. It requires fortitude, dedication and your whole self.

6) Move Your Money - donate to black owned, black operated, defund the police movements. There are many worthy causes to take a look into.

7) Share Your Connections - if you are white the odds of access to power are stacked in your favor. Share your connections with black folx and and nurture the connection.



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