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4 remedies I'm using this fall

I use homeopathic remedies - in addition to other holistic support - for my kids well-being throughout the school year.

Every fall during the cold and flu season, there are different strains of viruses that come barreling through the classrooms. And every year there is a different homeopathic remedy (or remedies) that fit the symptom picture, whether it is the cold, a flu or another virus.

Most of these flu strains originate in Asia - so we usually get our first news from the medical communities there about what’s coming through and what kind of remedies are working.

I'm sharing here what I'm hearing about, what we're seeing this year in our clinics and what has been working in my home so far. I hope that some of you may appreciate and benefit from this information too.

And remember - this is not meant to take the place of a visit to your doctor or licensed practitioner if you or your family needs it!

We're in the middle of an early season viral infection that is showing up in all ages. In young children, they often do well with their constitutional remedy if new symptoms are still covered by that remedy.

But some kids are becoming fussy, clingy and capricious. Chamomilla 30c is doing the trick for these little ones. The clingy, mucous filled, and thirstless kids are responding well to Pulsatilla 30c.

In adults, the two most common homeopathic remedies this year are Nux vomica and Phosphoric acid. Reminiscent of the flu season several years ago, Nux vomica presents with chills and cough and irritability. Some adults (myself included) are getting a BAD cough. They are coughing so violently that they "feel like they are hurting themselves," or "are going to develop a hernia" or "coughing to the point of vomiting." Those folks are responding well to Nux vomica 30c.

Homeopathic Phosphoric acid 30c is working well when there is deep fatigue as the primary symptom. You might feel like you cannot get out of bed or off the couch.

As the season progresses some people may end up with a simple but bad head cold with a sore throat, which is responding well to the homeopathic remedy Arum-triphyllum 30c.

If you are new to homeopathics, you can find these remedies in the little blue bottles at the health food store. They cost about $8- $10. Ask someone to help you find what you are looking for.

For acute illness, I take 3 pellets 3x/day for 3 days at the 30c strength. If I wake up with a cough - I'll take the remedy again. If there is no change in symptoms during this time, this treatment probably isn't the right remedy. Homeopathics for acute issues are generally fast-acting. If you see some change - keep it up!

There are plenty of other remedies I like - elderberry syrup, liposomal Vitamin C (3,000+ mg), fire cider (1 Tbs daily) and other chinese herbal formulas. Around this time, I am usually pulling them all out at one point or another.

We've also got the humidifier running and I put some nice essential oils in - lavender & eucalyptus are my go-to's. We keep it on all night and in each sleeping room.

Good luck & keep those immune systems robust!

P.S. Know any moms, practitioners, or family members who would appreciate this news? Forward them this post please!

(A Big Thank You to Dr Amy Rothenberg for her major contribution to this post. You can find out more about homeopathy on her website



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