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the prayer of my practice

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Dr. Kelly Jennings

An Interview with Limetta Studios

What has been the most profound lesson in your 10+ years of practice?

Being a health-care practitioner has been an incredible window into the human psyche - how we operate, how we think, what is making us sick, what we yearn for, what we crave.

How willing are we to change to get better?

I am acutely aware that many of us are unwell because of a great collective crisis in connection and meaning. We feel isolated, disconnected and we lack a sense of purpose. This affects all levels of health!

Much of my work now focuses on tuning in and helping people with chronic illness identify the limiting beliefs they’ve created that keep them trapped, separated, depressed and anxious. Treating illness is one thing but diving deeper into treating the root cause of why someone continues to be ill from is another. You can get acute Lyme Disease from an organism called Borrelia Burgdorferi but why do some people stay sick?

Healing from chronic disease requires a whole systems approach, requires deep unraveling and requires minor or major shifts in perspective.

What is the heart of your business?

I teach people how to uncover their own vitality.

First by supporting the conscious awareness of what factors are blocking their flow and well-being and then by providing the tools to support new patterning and a new or renewed relationship to themselves. I practice acupuncture, create customized Chinese herbal formulas, prescribe targeted supplementation & do nutritional counseling. Sometimes I recommend specific daily movements or guided meditations.

What is your biggest business challenge?

My biggest challenge and biggest breakthrough has been to let go of the idea that I want to be taken seriously by everyone who walks in my door. I have realized that the people I want to help are not the people that I need to prove something to.

Letting go of this illusion has allowed me to really be myself, to bring the healing through my mind, heart and hands and to allow for the greatest possible inspiration and transformation to occur.

It has also liberated me from staying small to dreaming big. It has freed me from keeping my private practice confined to the four walls of the building I occupy to developing a strategic plan and site map for a collaborative holistic healing program in Rhinebeck, NY. I am also working as a consultant and advisor to help develop a global wellness programs, creating a revolutionary blend of cutting edge science and ancient healing technologies.

There is so much to be excited about right now - intentional healing experiments, collective consciousness and emergent dialogue, the research on psychedelics, meditation and prayer for anxiety and depression. It is so important for us to be forward thinking when it comes to creating solutions for our epidemics of chronic disease and mental health and to also remember where we came from - to connect back into our relationship with nature.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My meditation practice is my inspiration. I think of meditation as a visit to a place of stillness that is connected to everything in the universe. The half hour or more of my daily practice is guided by these simple phrases:

Be Still, Relax, Pay Attention - Let Everything Be, Let Everything Go.

Nature is my number two inspiration. The sun rising every day, the bird song, the cycle of the moon, how the moonlight falls through the window at night. The celebration and dance of water in a creek, the way the sky is reflected on a lake’s surface, how the wind plays with the wind chimes I have hung through the woods around my house.

My number three, which is related to number one and two, is ritual and ceremony. For the last 12 years I have had the great fortune to spend time with indigenous healers in North and South America. These healers all use similar ritualized practices to call on Spirit and the Great Mystery to actualize and support the healing process in body, mind and spirit. I have witnessed miraculous healings during these sessions which remind me to be humble, to pray, and to invoke the support of that great mystery where our vital force truly comes from.

What makes you nervous?

Anger, violence, destruction. There is such great need that we hear about every day. So many children are suffering, are in pain, are hungry. We are facing a future with millions of children who have been traumatized by war, oppression, fear, migration, separation.

Hurt people hurt.

How will we, as human beings living on a shared planet, be able to connect and work together for real solutions that uphold our collective humanity and honor our individual and cultural experiences? I do believe that our greatest pain can transform into our greatest strength and work in the world and this is what motivates me to be in the profession I am in, helping people shift their stories of victimhood into stories of empowerment.

How do you balance relationships, and owning a small business?

This is a DEFINITE work in progress. The truth is that I constantly prioritize and focus, prioritize and focus. There are weeks when I’m jamming at work with my practice and I give it incredible attention. There are weeks when I would prefer to be in my garden or running in the sprinkler with my kids. What I do know about myself is that I like all of this very abundant life - a full practice, a very full home life with three vibrant and fierce daughters, and frequent travel to learn and study more about healing.

I stay balanced when I consistently maintain my first priority which is to myself.

Included in this is eating well, moving my body, resting, scheduling in free time, meditating, breathing (!). Everything in my life revolves around me taking care of myself. If I start to neglect any of this it shows in my relationships, my parenting, my mood and in my work. So many mothers I know feel overrun and overwhelmed by their kids and I certainly have my moments! But when I can draw upon the certainty that I have scheduled time for me, I can put things in perspective.

How do you re-center?

I have a daily conversation with a mentor who helps me to put life questions in perspective, from the small and mundane to the big.

I remember, I always have to remind myself this, that I am not in charge and to let go and let the magic in. There is a greater force that is much bigger than me that is running the show and my job is just to align myself, and be of service to that and to practice the values I believe in.

Jumping in cold water always helps me reset and recenter. And sometimes, god willing, a good nap.



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