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How's your health? Take the quiz!

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be that hard. The key to feeling your best often lies right in front of you, in your day to day practices and in your story.

In the course of your initial consultation with me, we take a deep dive into the questions below (among others). Your answers help me see and understand who you are, how you live and your relationship to your life. They also help YOU to see yourself more clearly.

This simple process of sharing and being heard by an experienced healthcare practitioner is powerful and healing in itself. I often hear that this is the first time someone feels really listened to. Combined with taking your pulse and other diagnostic tools I use - we can create a clear road towards your best health ever.

If you’ve never come in to see me - consider this a sneak peek into your first consultation.

It takes about 10 minutes to answer these questions, and though they aren’t the only questions I ask, they cover a lot of territory. It's totally worth it. Improving your life begins with becoming aware of your habits.

With awareness you can take action.

At the end of this self questionnaire ask yourself ~

What did I discover? Do I see any patterns? Are there areas that I now have more awareness about? Any places I might be able to make some change for the better?

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or about holistic healthcare in general, including how naturopathic and Chinese medicine could work for you, feel free to contact me here.

P.S. Know anyone who could stand to improve their health or their lives? Please forward them this post - Sharing is the best kind of caring.

Please share your comments in the comment box below!

Whole Heath Quiz

Write your full name, today’s date and your date of birth at the top of the page

(If you are interested in the comprehensive version of this questionnaire - SCHEDULE HERE)


How is the quality of your sleep?  What time do you fall asleep and when do you wake up? Do you go to the bathroom during the night? How do you feel when you wake up?


How is your energy on a scale of 1 to 10? When is it best and when is it worst?


Do you exercise? How often?


How is your appetite? Make a list of when & what you eat on average for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, including anything you drink. How much water do you drink?


How is your digestion?  Do you have regular bowel movements, meaning at least one or more a day?  Do you experience gas or bloating, acid reflux or frequent burping?

Musculoskeletal System:

Do you have any chronic aches or pains?


For women: how are your menses?  How many days is your cycle? Do you have PMS?  Breast tenderness? Blood clots? How long does your period last?


How is your mood in general?

How would your friends/family describe you?

Sense of Purpose:  

Do you feel that life has a purpose, that you have a purpose for being here?  Do you have meaningful relationships? If you could change one thing in your life that would bring you the most vitality - what would it be?  What would it take to make that happen?

Congratulate yourself for taking the time to do this check in! What did you discover? Do you see any patterns? Are there areas that you now have more awareness about? Any places you might be able to make some change for the better?

Please share your comments in the comment box below!



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