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Nourishing Life Qi Gong - a love letter

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Hello Qi Community! Master Qingyu Wang, (pictured in the photo below), is the oldest lineage holder of the Jin Jing Gong school of Qi Gong. He's 91. This is what a lifetime of Qi Gong can do for you! He's full of vitality and stories and loves to sing and perform Chinese opera. He's pictured here practicing the 14 Brocades Form. We're in Leshan, China, at the base of Mt Emei, one of the sacred mountains of Asia, which lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. I took these photos in 2016, at a 3 week Qi Gong retreat with Heiner Fruehauf and Master Wang, connecting to the birthplace of the 14 Brocades form that I've been teaching through Zoom since April 2020.

In July of 2022 I was formally recognized as a 4th generation lineage holder and teacher of the Jin Jing Gong school by my teacher Heiner Fruehauf. The Jin Jing Gong school is one of the few officially recognized forms of Qi Gong in China and therefore is listed in the UN, which means my name will be listed there as well! I will be able to eventually pass this transmission ceremony on to students who've learned all the forms of the Nourishing Life Qi Gong school with me.

I am profoundly humbled by the circumstances of life that have brought me to this practice, and to the masters who've shared their teachings. I must also acknowledge that it was the quarantine and lockdown of April 2020 onward here in NY that created the space to lead a regular online Qi Gong practice. Thank you to each and every one of you that were a part of creating this community together! I so appreciate you!

Enjoy this text by Wei Boyang, a 2nd Century Chinese Alchemist.

Cultivate without stopping

And the mass of energy will move like cloud and rain,

Flowing like spring showers,

Drilling like melting ice,

From the head falling down to the feet,

And from there rising up again,

Coming and going,

Swirling the limitless,

And stirring everything throughout.

Those on the path of the return know the Tao.

Weakness is the handle of virtue.

Plow and pull out the weeds of impurity.

Do it meticulously and you will attain harmony.

For in the mud lies a clear path,

And in the long darkness a light will finally shine through.

People of the world love little tricks.

They do not probe the depths of the Tao.

They abandon the correct way and follow the devious paths.

They want the quick way but they do not get through.

The enlightened being is immersed in the depths,

Floating and wandering,

Keeping the direction within.

In Beauty and Abundance,



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