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The Return of the Light

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Several years ago I ditched the New Year's Resolution list.

My life was already filled with too many “shoulds”.

I replaced it with this new mantra:

I am a student in Earth School.

I am progress, not perfection.

I live in a grand evolutionary experiment called Life.

It seems more fitting, as we approach the solstice, to focus on this. On wholeness, on growth. On the return of the light.

Happy Return of the Light

This time of year is now an opportunity to ask myself - how can I bring more light into this life? How can I nourish more of what I love and live my life as a joyful manifestation?

What is this year going to be about?

More vitality? More magic? More love?

Last year I wrote in huge letters on a wall in our home:


I wanted to see what would happen if I believed that magic was happening all around me, all the time. (It is).

Let me tell you about my year last year.

My family not only survived - we thrived through a major crisis. A dear friend bought a 160 acre property with a beautiful pond my husband and I had been eyeing for 5 years that we can use whenever we like.

I got to meet Tony Robbins, face to face, and appreciate what a beautiful soul he is.

My stepdaughter, whose native language is Spanish, has become an exceptional poet in English and graces us almost daily with her word magic.

My husband and I are in the midst of an incredible renaissance of romance & love like never before.

And there have been many many more daily confirmations that magic is always around me - I just have to remove the barriers I create and let it in.

This year my question is:

How can I be a vessel for even more love and light and magic in this present moment?

And now, I ask:

What is your question? Inspire Us! Please share in the comment box below.



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