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Un-Map Your Self

This week I did something I've never yet done in my work. I postponed a commitment I made one week prior to the event. This is the letter I wrote to the 15 women who'd signed up (and paid) for this gathering I was facilitating: In the past, postponing a commitment I made would be unconscionable. Today, I mean to live a more human life. My husband and I just completed a profound prayer for our family and I find myself yearning for more rest this month. Part of what I find so incredibly valuable in prayer work is the continual opportunity to un-map myself from the many insanities of our culture, the hustle and bustle and the demands I place on my body. Prayer helps me to pause and take a deep look at what is troubling me, and what I'd like to create more of, in myself, in my family, on behalf of the Elder I'm becoming. Un-mapping means nothing without follow through. So I write to tell you that while I take my commitment and the creation of an expectation seriously, I'm trusting that you will understand the humanity in postponing our gathering our meditation circle this Thursday. I take responsibility for any disappointment I've caused. Perhaps I could have just said I need to postpone our sit. Perhaps by sharing the deeper layers of this decision, I'm inspiring YOU to REST, to play or to do whatever it is you need for yourself to feel good and UN-MAP yourself. This month I dedicate to REST. My dear friend Ashni (Mumbet's Freedom Farm) in Sheffield, MA calls it Recovering Energy and Sharing Time. YASS! That's what I want. How about you? How are you un-mapping yourself to lead the life you are yearning for?



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