what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

A wintry snow storm outside. One foot of snow and now freezing rain. For a nice crusty covering to crunch through. It’s the inside-by-the-fire time. After shoveling the walk and the driveway. After several spins down the hill on the new blue plastic sleds.

When it’s over, I want to say

All my life

I was a bride married to


I was the bridegroom, taking

The world into my arms

When it’s over, I don’t want

To wonder

If I have made of my life

Something particular, and


I don’t want to find myself

Sighing and frightened,

Or full of argument

I don’t want to end up simply

Having visited this world

                                         ~ Mary Oliver

Mary Oliver died one week ago.  Let me live in her honor. Let me live in my own honor. Let me live in the honor of God, the Great Spirit who gave me this body, mind and spirit. Who gave me this life. Who gave me this material to make meaning of. Let me die only after knowing that I have at least tried to dive into and expand each present moment.

This moment.

The white expanse outside beyond the window. The sparkling magic crystals spiraling down. The stark dark trees becoming glazed in glass. The children quiet after strong play and work in the snow. This is my moment of quiet and wonder, my moment to muse and ponder.

I sat down to share some words about organizing time, about plans for the new year, about the hearth. But I changed my mind.

Instead I want to know how you want to feel this year.

What is the energy you want to sit in most of the time?






Make a list, write it down. Feel it. Expand it.

Do this every day. Every morning.

Like a mantra. Like an incantation.

Beginning from there, you can move in reverse to create the one wild and precious life you want to live.

And to help keep you nourished and your heart fire strong this winter.....a few of my favorite winter remedies:

1) Fire Cider - one Tablespoon a day