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What if tomorrow is today

What if tomorrow is today & those things you promised yourself you were going to do tomorrow became the things you were doing today.

I’m not talking about the to do list

I'm talking about the stuff that you’ve been waiting to do

You've been dreaming to do


Like learning French

Or doing your numbers

Or traveling to Bali

Or meditating

Or taking a chance on love

Or _________________ (fill in the blank)

What are the things you keep promising yourself you’ll do 

When everything else gets done 

What are you losing - every day - by not doing those things?

How much has it cost you already? 

How much will it cost you, in 1 year, in 3 years, in 5 years if that thing keeps getting pushed to tomorrow.

How good will it feel to be doing those things? Finally. After all these years.

Write these things down. Say them out loud.

How much are you losing. And what will you gain when you begin.

When will tomorrow be today?



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