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making the most of your year's harvest

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Harvest time, the fall equinox and a full moon. It's a triple reminder to pause, pay attention, and remember the delights of this seasons growing bounty. It's also an opportune time to reap the harvest of the efforts of your year. What challenges did you face? What joys did you experience? What heartaches did you overcome? 

I invite you to take this moment to reflect. When I do this I sit up and take several deep breaths. I remember where I am on the planet, my heart in the center of the four directions, in between heaven and earth. And then I ask this:

What are you going to take with you into the wintertime to keep your inner fires warm?  

Amidst the busy-ness of back-to-school, and all the fall happenings, I find this particular pause of utmost importance. I look all the way back to the previous winter solstice, to the prayers that were made there, and work my way forward in reflection to acknowledge how those prayers unfolded. 

For here I can have gratitude.

For here I can see what has grown.

For here I can shed what no longer serves me.

I invite you to join me in a dedicated and (free) meditation every Wednesday at 9:30 AM EST. Here's the link to join up. This is 45 minutes of gentle guidance into pure free fall, led by myself and several other experienced meditators. It's a powerful way to dive into the experience of collective meditation. Join us. Here's the link again to connect you to weekly reminders. No experience necessary and open to anyone anywhere on the globe.



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