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people pleasing & letting go

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Two sides of the same coin. My biggest challenge and biggest breakthrough has been when I let go of the desire to be taken seriously by everyone who walks in my door. I have realized that the people I want to see and to help are not the people that I need to prove something to.

Letting go of this illusion has allowed me to bring the healing through my mind, heart and hands and to allow for the greatest possible inspiration and transformation to occur.

It has also liberated me from staying small to dreaming big. It has freed me from keeping my private practice confined to the four walls of the building I occupy to developing a strategic plan and site map for a collaborative holistic healing program in Rhinebeck, NY. I also work as a consultant and advisor for a global wellness program, creating a revolutionary blend of cutting edge science and ancient healing technologies.

There is so much to be excited about right now - intentional healing experiments, collective consciousness and emergent dialogue, breakthrough research on psychedelics for anxiety and depression. So many of us are waking up and coming to terms with the fact that we are human beings living on a shared planet and that our thoughts, our actions, and our lives matter.

Our thoughts, our actions and our lives matter.

What are your dreams?

What has been your biggest limiter and your biggest breakthrough?

Please join the conversation below.



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